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Horze Grooming Bag

Stash your favorite grooming tools in this handy…

Horze Soft Grip Hoof Pick

Soft grip pick makes cleaning hooves easy….

Horze Dandy Dust Brush with Wooden Back, Medium

Get a nice shiny coat every time with this dandy…

Horze Sponge Brush

This sponge brush is the best of both tools….

Horze Small Rubber Curry Comb

Increase circulation with this handy curry comb….

Horze Sponge

Horze Silicone Rubber Plaiting Band

Fun colorful braiding bands….

Horze Tack-Tray

Grooming caddy keeps all of your tools within easy…

Horze Soft Face Brush with Wooden Back

Protect the sensitive face area while you groom…

Sprenger Curry comb rubber, large

Horze Checked Face Brush

Soft bristles in lovely colors match the playful…

Horze Wood Back Firm Brush w/natural mix bristles, 2in

Horze Grooming Mittens

Make grooming a snap with this comfortable mitten….

Horze Boar’s Bristle Face Brush

A natural face brush with soft bristles….

Horze Rubber Curry Comb

Curry away dirt and grime with this comb….

Sweat scraper, smooth

Horze Soft Grip Grooming Backpack Set

Value-priced grooming set….

Horze Softgrip Face Brush

Polish your pony’s face with this soft brush….

Horze Medium Basic Body Brush

A perfect body brush for anyone….

Horze Deluxe Classic Body Brush

Add some bling to your daily grooming routine….