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Horze Trapani Halter

Pair this halter with the other scroll printed…

Horze Howard Halter

This soft padded elegant halter will protect your…

Horze Leather Largo Halter

Soft leather halter for everyday use….

Horze Pony Lead

This is soft on small hands and the simple snap…

Horze Arturo Halter and Lead Set

This sporty halter and lead set has a sharp…

Horze Pony Halter

The Pony Halter is a classic halter and the…

Horze Halter and Lead Set

This halter and lead set add a crisp polished look…

Diamond Leather Halter

Horze Howard Soft Lead

This rich, soft cotton lead will match your…

Horze Hamptons Halter

A unique halter with golden color fittings….

Horze Holbrook Chain Lead

Webbed lead with strong chain is ideal for show or…

Yankee Nylon Halter, 3/4″

Cushion web lead shank, single chain

Leather Lead Shank-Single Chain

Horze Basic Lead, 4 yds

Horze Holbrook Halter

Nylon halter with special leather trim details….

Beta lead shank, single chain

Finn-Tack Yankee Leather Halter, Adjustable Under Nose, 3/4″

Leather collar (35mm)

Horze Sheepskin Halter Tube Set

Perfect for horses with sensitive skin….